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I was planning for my wedding and decided to go with Susan's Flowers (If only I had known what I know now...!) I had a consultation with Susan, who baby talked her way through the consultation.I just thought she was being thorough.

I thought everything was on track. Sad to say, this whole experience was completely disappointing, to say the least. I knew exactly what I wanted, very simply solid pink roses. I show up the week of the wedding to okay the color and she got roses that were exactly what I didn't want, as if she hadn't heard me at all, or that her extensive notes were completely useless.

All I wanted were solid pink roses. After making me panic she remembers she ordered some other flowers that she got the next day. I showed up the next day and the flowers were great. I thought everything was on track.

Two more days to the wedding. I show up the day before the wedding to pick up the flowers. She showed me the bouquet first. My first sentence is, "That's not what I wanted, I have a picture of what I wanted, do you not remember?" I just wanted pink roses and small white roses mixed with the pink.

What she gave me was a bouquet of pink and full-size white roses. It's as if she hadn't heard me at all. What astounds me is there was never once an apology said. The next thing she said was, "All you have to say is, is it beautiful or not?

Just say yes or no." She acted as if I was being ridiculous and demanding. If she couldn't fulfill my wishes then why did she say she could three months prior. I didn't want anything complicated or unheard of. I thought I was being a simple bride.

I can't imagine what they do when they have a complicated order. They spent so much time convincing me they didn't have the pink that I wanted (as if it didn't exist when I knew it did) and then trying to convince me that mini white roses didn't exist. This all had to do with the bouquet. All the corsages and boutonnieres were completely disappointing.

When I got home I realized I didn't even get the amount of flowers I payed for. I ordered a dozen roses for my bouquet and got 11. I can hardly believe I payed this woman money to do what she did. What a complete waste.

Save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of worry, and NEVER go to Susan's Flowers.

On the Susan's flowers website it says you can expect "Quality, Value, Service".I would never use any of these words to describe me experience with Susan's Flowers.

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